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Markings Gallery, located in Bath, Maine, is a vibrant art space that showcases an impressive collection of works by talented Maine artists. From metal and clay to fiber, paper, glass, paint, stone, and wood, the gallery offers a diverse range of artistic mediums. Established in 2010, Markings Gallery is dedicated to promoting contemporary Maine artists and artisans. The gallery is managed by a dedicated group of members who handle the day-to-day operations and can often be found immersed in the gallery's activities. In addition to displaying individual pieces, Markings Gallery also hosts seasonal thematic group shows, providing a dynamic and ever-changing experience for visitors. To explore the impressive roster of artists currently exhibited at the gallery, visit this page on our site.

Our Core Members

Nan Kilbourn-Tara

Susan Mills

Barbara Burns

Harold Coryell Roberts

Emi Ito

Nancy Marstaller

Wayne Robbins

Janice Jones

Markings Gallery is proud to be associated with these organizations:

Main Street Bath- an award winning local organization partnered with Main Street America whose mission is to promote and preserve America's historic downtowns.

Made In Maine- We are a certified retailer with the State’s Maine Made Program which builds recognition for Maine products, their producers, and Maine industries.

Maine Crafts Association- A non-profit organization providing educational programs, storytelling initiatives, community and public events, artist promotion and other resources to connect emerging, mid-career and established craft artists, other makers and the general public through craft.

Maine Tourism Association- The Maine Tourism Association has been around for over 100 years. Our membership consists of a blend of local leaders and organizations united in our vision to create economic opportunities for our membership and to promote the unique quality of the Maine tourism experience.

re white and blue logo depicting historic building and clock for visit
re white and blue logo depicting historic building and clock for visit

A moment of awe. A sense of wonder. An intimate feeling of connection. These are the sensations visitors report on entering Markings Gallery for the first time. They are the sensations I felt on finding myself in Markings after moving with my wife from New York City to a small community in mid-coast Maine. ... READ MORE HERE

Celebrating 10 Years of Markings Gallery

by Jason Palumbo – a creative writer, art lover and Bath, Maine resident