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Suzanne Anderson

I create my pieces in a wooded, lakeside studio in Maine surrounded by giant boulders, mosses, ferns and towering trees. It's the perfect place to become immersed in creative work. I am at my happiest when working in my studio on new colors and designs in metal and colored glass. My pieces reflect wonder and play in nature and life. I am especially interested in the lichen, fungus, mosses and ferns of the Maine forest. The tiny worlds of color and shapes are endlessly fascinating and always surprising! I feel a real kinship with these tiny beings. My work in enameling involves hand-cut shapes from copper to which I apply colored, powdered glass. The pieces are fired in a kiln at 1450+ F. Often multiple firings and enamel techniques are used to get the desired effect. The pieces are all finished with a nice copper edge and sterling silver components.

See more of Suzannes' work in the gallery.