Our Guest Artists

Our guest artists come from every corner of Maine. Their work reflects their love of place, the changing of the seasons, their unflinching respect and patience for the integrity of the creative process and their meticulous attention to essential details…


Peter Asselyn: turned wood    
Jack Lilly: turned wood and carving 
Kenneth Copp: furniture        
Wayne Hall: tables    
Bob Stanford: turned wood and cutting boards         
Wayne Robbins: birds, whales
Mark Irving: turned wood 
Niel Hulbert: turned wood spurtles, vessels and pens   


Elizabeth Stoyko: hooked pillows
Phyllis Harper-Loney: painting on silk
Barbara Burns: fine tapestry weaving and fine wearables
Janice Jones: handwoven clothing and linens 
Susan Mills: felted objects
Charlotte Moore: felted clothing
Abigail Robbins: paper mache
Susie Stephenson: hooked rugs
Hillary Hutton: woven rugs
Marianne Senechal: felt
Kirsti Sandoy: felt
Fiona Washburn: painting on silk 
Heather Kerner: felt scarves and handbags
Jo Diggs: fabric applique wall pieces
Lyla Ross: fabric mixed media puppets
Christine Hopf-Lovett: fine fiber jackets


Jim and Holly Gallante: yard sculpture
Jackie Haines: jewelry
Stephanie Sersich: glass jewelry
Bishoff & Syron: polymer jewelry
Melanie West: polymer jewelry and sculpture
Steve Burns: scupture and sterling silver jewelry

Monty Smith: bronze and ceramic sculpture
Judith Barker: sterling silver and 22 carat gold jewelry

Jennifer Nielsen: jewelry
Suzanne Anderson: jewelry 
Rachel Flaherty: jewelry 
Barbara Burns: jewelry
Emma Tallach: jewelry


Sharon Townshend: sculpture
Carolyn Judson: sculpture 
Nan Kilbourn-Tara: pottery/ tiles
Janice Wright: pottery/tiles
Cathy Hammond: pottery
Harold Roberts: pottery
Monty Smith: ceramic sculpture and bronze


Small Lawrence: ornaments, coasters, vessels
Stephanie Sersich: jewelry 
Richard Macdonald: stained glass


Nancy Marstaller: painted eggs
Susan Mills: mixed media

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