In the Gallery

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When you step inside Markings Gallery, all the hustle and bustle of Front Street Bath is left behind and you are greeted with colors and textures that will delight the senses. Wood sculpture and artful home goods; luscious and fanciful pottery to grace your tables and kitchens; gorgeous and inspiring jewelry made with precious metals, stones, gems and beads. Silk and cotton batik and printed wall pieces. Terracotta and cast bronze objects for that specialcorner…

It all awaits you at Markings.

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In the windows, you might find Monty Smith's ceramic urns and birdhouses by James Brewer.

On the wall display, lovely and playful beaded jewelry by Natasha Kempers-Cullen as well as handprinted, painted, dyed and embellished wall quilts.

In the cases you'll find a feast for the eyes as you peruse Judith Barker's elegant gold and silver necklaces, earrings, brooches and bracelets. Our guest jewelers include Peggy Johnson, Stephanie Sersich, Jennifer Nielsen and Susan Hutton.

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Nan Kilbourn-Tara's bowls, teapots, vases and tableware greet you with style and grace. Handpainted with lobsters and starfish, pansies and posies, fruits and vegetables and the warm palette of Southwestern earth and sky, Nan's collections are loved by all

Against the far wall you can see Patty Olds' iridescent silk and cotton batik scrolls. Put together with unusual fabrics from around the globe, these scrolls add a big splash of color and character to any home or office.

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On the walls you'll see hooked rugs by Susie Stephenson, botanical pictures by Patty Olds, Bronze and plaster reliefs by Monty Smith, clocks by Mark Royall and felted pieces by our Gallery Manager Susan Mills.

And tucked away in the corners, look for Obie Buell's sweet granite garden angels.


In our middle gallery, you'll find handwoven garments by Janice Jones, rag rugs by Mallory Waldman; felted hats by Helen Farnham, Charlotte Moore and Gar DuBois; silk and felted scarves by Marianne DuBois

Carolyn Judson's fish and elephants can also be found wandering about the gallery.

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Our third gallery room is a place to linger. Quiet and softly lit with afternoon light, a curious shopper can find treasures in this room: Bill Bellows' rugs, Lyla Ross' puppets, turned wood by Peter Asselyn, furniture by Wayne Hall and Kenneth and Katie Copp, Stuart Loten's lamps and garden sculpture by Jim and Holly Gallante.
And if you look up, you might see one of Kit Bartmess' marionettes!

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